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Retirement planning

It’s not too late to secure a comfortable future.

The Kai-Zen tax-free investment plan: the one-of-a-kind low-risk strategy that promises up to 2x retirement income compared to any other retirement plan.
You’ve built a great lifestyle through intention, hard work and sacrifice. Now it’s time to plan for your future with the same focus, care and thoughtfulness.
Long-term financial planning is one of the most important — but often neglected decisions — a person will ever make.
It determines the medical care you can afford, the lifestyle you can enjoy, and the dreams you can pursue.
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Does this sound familiar?

“I’m a late bloomer and haven’t started saving properly. Can I ever catch up so I can retire in comfort?”

“I’ve got a decent 401(k). But if taxes eat away at my retirement income, how will I be able to maintain my lifestyle?”

“I’ve got a strong portfolio. I’d love to diversify without taking on more risk in these volatile markets.”

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You are not alone.

90% of successful, highly compensated people are not saving enough to maintain their current lifestyle in retirement.

Perhaps you spent your early business years building your business, pursuing higher education or growing your career.

Whatever the reason, you couldn’t start saving significant amounts until now.

Now that you’re ready to start thinking of you future, you’re stuck.
Conventional financial advice tells you to save 30% of your current income, which is unrealistic and unaffordable.

What if you could borrow the money you needed to build your long-term wealth, without having to lower your current standard of living?

Meet Kai-Zen:

The only bank-financed retirement plan that lets you grow your long-term wealth and secure your comfortable future — without taking big chunks out of your current income

How it works:

It gets better!

The cash value of your policy will not be taxed while it's growing. It means that your money grows faster because it's not being reduced by taxes each year. After 10 years, your policy has built up a substantial cash value which continues to grow over time.

*This life insurance policy is the most comprehensive life insurance policy that:

The result: When you retire, you’re assured a stable, tax-free annual income that is up to double the income you’d have if you’d invested in another retirement plan.

There is no other plan on the market that protects your today,

and secures your tomorrow.

Tax-free, stable income

All economists predict taxes will rise. Even if you planned prudently for retirement, you’ll be met by an unwanted surprise when your expected income stream is slashed by taxes. As a tax-free plan, Kai-Zen provides a consistent annual income protected from taxes.

Zero-risk investment

These life insurance policies (IULs) come with a “zero floor” guarantee, meaning the insurer guarantees the invested funds never go down in value. This feature protects your investment from being negatively impacted by market changes,  so you’ll never lose your investment.

Substantial living and death benefits

The plan includes comprehensive life insurance along with ample living benefits, so you get the comfort of knowing your spouse and children will be taken care of in the event of your injury, illness or death. If you’re the primary breadwinner, this peace of mind is priceless.

What financially savvy high-income earners are saying about Kai-Zen
This is actually a really good deal
"I have money invested in the stock market like everybody else, and I invest in my 401(k), but I felt like there had to be some better options out there for me. So when I saw the Kai-Zen plan and the options it would give me when I’m ready to retire, I just thought it was an incredible option and was something that I couldn’t pass up. When I took the Kai-Zen plan to my external agents, the first thing they immediately said was “No, don’t do this.” Once I started asking them some follow-up questions and really tried to hone in on why they said no, it turned out that they didn’t really understand it. They didn’t want me to buy the Kai-Zen plan because they had their own product that they wanted me to purchase. Of course, I did my due diligence and looked into those other products, and honestly, they weren’t as good as the Kai-Zen plan. I had to remember that most people’s motivation at the end of the day was to try to sell me something else. When I approached additional agents, who are good friends of mine, I had to really dig into the Kai-Zen plan, and when they looked it over, they said “You know what? This is actually a really good deal.” I spent a year analyzing this thing and I lost a year of investment time. I don’t want anybody else to lose out on this, so if I were you, I would go ahead and invest in the Kai-Zen plan now. Get your investments going now, and if after 5 years you are loving it as much as I do, you’ll want to do a second go-around."

Ross Laughter
It comforts me to know that my kids would be well taken care of if something were to happen to me
"There’s nowhere I’ve found where I can put these types of funds into a plan to get the retirement income on a tax-favorable basis. I’m what you call a “late bloomer.” I started saving late for my retirement because I was a single mom raising two kids. Retirement wasn’t on my mind. When you’re starting late in saving for retirement, you can only put so much into a 401(k), SAP, or SIMPLE IRA. It was very appealing to me because I only have to fund it for 5 years, and I get bank financing with it. The bank was going to match me 3-to-1, so there’s my catch-up contribution. There’s nowhere I’ve found where I can put these types of funds into a plan to get the retirement income that is going to allow me to draw on a tax favorable basis. Also, it comforts me to know that my kids would be well taken care of if something were to happen to me (injury, sickness, illness) due to the living benefits of the plan."

Angela Ashley
When I first learned about Kai-Zen, I struggled to overcome the too-good-to-be-true feeling.
"After talking to a number of insurance professionals, accountants, attorneys, financial and tax agents and asking them to challenge the structure and the strategy, I finally came around and enrolled. I view my participation in Kai-Zen as a safe and functional component of my portfolio; one that gives me and my family important protections that were previously missing from my life plan."

Jon Rice
There are a lot of things I love about it
"There are a lot of things I love about it. I'm an attorney so attention to detail is very important and risk mitigation and liability minimization are key to me. Where was I going to find an opportunity that provided not only a death benefit and living benefit coverage I needed for my lifestyle, but also some kind of tax-free income stream for later in life. I I'm pretty active outdoors, so what if I were injured or disabled or subject to terminal illness when you get older long term care?"

Rick Veit
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You may be wondering:

What’s the catch? Is it too good to be true?

Kai-Zen is a legitimate, robust investment strategy —- although one that most people haven’t heard of it.

Because most people haven’t ever heard of this structure before, they immediately (and intelligently) assume there’s a hidden catch.

Kai-Zen is based on the premium financing model. If you’ve ever wondered how the rich get richer, it’s because they use intelligent investment strategies like premium financing.

Firstly, what is Premium Financing?

Premium financing means borrowing money from the bank to pay for an expensive life insurance policy (worth millions of dollars). It’s used by high net-worth individuals who use life insurance policies in the tens of millions of dollars to address business, inheritance, and estate tax issues.

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It’s a way to build, protect and transfer wealth without tying up business capital or paying huge taxes.

(This is a super simple explanation. Effective premium financing deals take rare expertise and complex analysis that only specialist financial planners have.)

The power of premium financing depends on the bank agreeing to lend the money for insurance premiums at low-interest rates.

The bank lends the money at a low rate. the policy earns more interest than the amount owed to the bank. The bank gets paid back, the policyholder keeps the change, and everyone wins. (Why is it only relevant for high net-worth individuals? Because you need to borrow at least $1 million a year to qualify for the low-interest loan, and you need to put up hefty collateral to cater for market changes.)

The million-dollar question: Why would the banks lend all that money to pay for someone’s life insurance? 

For the same reason they’re happy to lend money to people to buy houses. (The bank knows that if the buyer defaults, the bank can repossess the house, sell it and get paid their loan back.)

Banks love loaning money for premium finance deals because of IUL life insurance’s unique feature known as the ‘zero floor’. In simple terms, the insurer guarantees the policy will never go below a certain value.  Even if the market wobbles, or crashes, the banks know that the cash value portion of the policy will earn enough interest to make sure they will get paid back.

You’ve never heard of it before…

…Because until very recently, it was relevant to the ultra-wealthy. And unless you specialize in life insurance and in particular, a niche sub-specialty of financed insurance, you would not have even known this structure exists. Extraordinarily few benefits brokers have this specialty. 

And until Kai-Zen, high-income earners had no way to access the benefits of premium financing.

Kai-Zen is one-of-a-kind plan that lets you accumulate the money you need to protect:

Kai-Zen was created when the founders of NIW, an experienced and respected premium finance vendor, came along and asked: what if we adapt this structure so regular people can also use this form of leverage to grow their wealth? Let’s use group buying power to borrow money from banks at low rates to fund our own life insurance policies. They took the premium financing model and adapted it to provide the benefits of leveraged financing without the usual risk.

Who is behind Kai Zen?


NIW Companies...

Who is eligible for Kai Zen?

You may qualify if:

Your combined household income is at least 150k per year.

You are between the ages of 18 - 65.

You are in average or good health.

You can contribute a minimum of $22k per year.

Is Kai-Zen for you?

See how it works in simple terms:

“Kai-Zen® is the most compelling option I have seen in my search for a solution to maintain my current lifestyle in retirement.”

Head of Private Bank Life Insurance, Leading Top 10 Largest U.S. Bank, Client of Kai-Zen®

While money can’t buy you happiness, it can buy you a comfortable future.

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