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This is actually a really good deal
"I have money invested in the stock market like everybody else, and I invest in my 401(k), but I felt like there had to be some better options out there for me. So when I saw the Kai-Zen plan and the options it would give me when I’m ready to retire, I just thought it was an incredible option and was something that I couldn’t pass up. When I took the Kai-Zen plan to my external agents, the first thing they immediately said was “No, don’t do this.” Once I started asking them some follow-up questions and really tried to hone in on why they said no, it turned out that they didn’t really understand it. They didn’t want me to buy the Kai-Zen plan because they had their own product that they wanted me to purchase. Of course, I did my due diligence and looked into those other products, and honestly, they weren’t as good as the Kai-Zen plan. I had to remember that most people’s motivation at the end of the day was to try to sell me something else. When I approached additional agents, who are good friends of mine, I had to really dig into the Kai-Zen plan, and when they looked it over, they said “You know what? This is actually a really good deal.” I spent a year analyzing this thing and I lost a year of investment time. I don’t want anybody else to lose out on this, so if I were you, I would go ahead and invest in the Kai-Zen plan now. Get your investments going now, and if after 5 years you are loving it as much as I do, you’ll want to do a second go-around."

Ross Laughter
It comforts me to know that my kids would be well taken care of if something were to happen to me
"There’s nowhere I’ve found where I can put these types of funds into a plan to get the retirement income on a tax-favorable basis. I’m what you call a “late bloomer.” I started saving late for my retirement because I was a single mom raising two kids. Retirement wasn’t on my mind. When you’re starting late in saving for retirement, you can only put so much into a 401(k), SAP, or SIMPLE IRA. It was very appealing to me because I only have to fund it for 5 years, and I get bank financing with it. The bank was going to match me 3-to-1, so there’s my catch-up contribution. There’s nowhere I’ve found where I can put these types of funds into a plan to get the retirement income that is going to allow me to draw on a tax favorable basis. Also, it comforts me to know that my kids would be well taken care of if something were to happen to me (injury, sickness, illness) due to the living benefits of the plan."

Angela Ashley
When I first learned about Kai-Zen, I struggled to overcome the too-good-to-be-true feeling.
"After talking to a number of insurance professionals, accountants, attorneys, financial and tax agents and asking them to challenge the structure and the strategy, I finally came around and enrolled. I view my participation in Kai-Zen as a safe and functional component of my portfolio; one that gives me and my family important protections that were previously missing from my life plan."

Jon Rice
There are a lot of things I love about it
"There are a lot of things I love about it. I'm an attorney so attention to detail is very important and risk mitigation and liability minimization are key to me. Where was I going to find an opportunity that provided not only a death benefit and living benefit coverage I needed for my lifestyle, but also some kind of tax-free income stream for later in life. I I'm pretty active outdoors, so what if I were injured or disabled or subject to terminal illness when you get older long term care?"

Rick Veit
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