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You’ve sacrificed a lot to succeed financially. You understand that the financial decisions you make today will determine how you’re able to live in your retirement.  Whether it’s affording quality medical care, enjoying a worry-free lifestyle, or embarking on your travel dreams, making the wrong decisions will have life-altering consequences. 

But navigating the confusing financial advice out there can feel overwhelming. With Financed Premiums by your side, you don’t need to figure it out alone, settle for second-rate financial advice or end up with a meager retirement income. 

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Our mission: To be your trusted, knowledgeable guide who provides you with unbiased, sound financial advice so you can afford the future you’ve worked so hard for  and deserve.

How it started

When Mel Lieber was a young man and proud finance geek, friends and family would regularly ask, “Mel, can you look over my investments”. After scrutinizing dozens of annual reports and portfolios, Mel was flabbergasted at the pattern he saw. 

Many hard-working, intelligent & successful people had invested in unsuitable plans. They were convinced to buy a product they didn’t need or had badly designed policies that would not yield the returns they could have. 

They were relying on these investments to support them when they were older, and these investments were trapped in low-performing funds. They’d wasted precious years when they could have been accumulating more wealth.

These people had no idea that they’d been ill-advised or that their entire future would be compromised. They’d have to live out their golden years with less financial security than they deserved. 

If they had honest, well-informed guidance based on accurate information, their entire future would be different. 

Determined to do things differently, Mel founded Financed Premiums, with one goal: to provide every individual with the unbiased advice, and impeccable service, at a level usually reserved for the elite. 

Today, Mel and his growing team find their greatest joy in helping their clients make well-informed, accurate financial decisions so they build long-term wealth and leave the meaningful legacy they envision. 

About Mel Lieber, Founder + CEO, Financed Premiums

Mel Lieber

Growing up eating numbers for breakfast (with a side of Cheerios of course), finances are in Mel’s genes.  Known for his tenacious obsession with markets, indexes, and financial formulas along with his piercing analytical skills,  he can quickly uncover the true financial soundness of any strategy. 

But although he devours Bloomberg on the beach,  Mel is a born connector who thrives on forging meaningful, long-term relationships with everyone he meets.

Committed to unyielding honesty and unquestionable transparency, his clients know that he always has their best interests at heart, going above and beyond to make sure they’re making the best choices.

Some people speak English. Some people speak numbers. I speak both.

Awards and Achievements

NIW top producer award

Conference of Champions

Millionaire club

Youngest ever member of the top producer table

Our Team


Herbert Lieber

Strategic Advisor


Michelle Grossberger

Operations Manager


Daniel Aranov

Client Relationship Manager

Our Values

Our investment philosophy: “If I wouldn’t do it for my mother, I wouldn’t do it for you.”


We view our clients’ trust as a sacred privilege that comes with deep responsibility. Every piece of advice we give is determined by one factor: is this in the best interest of our client? We’re known for turning down clients if we believe they will get better value from another plan, and we’re proud of this.


Understanding every intricacy of our products and the global financial markets is the root of our success. We regularly interact with, and advise,  some of the sharpest and most influential minds in the financial industry. That means you get high-caliber financial guidance, at a level of expertise usually reserved for the elite.


You won’t find anyone more helpful, kind or patient. Whether it’s explaining concepts in plain terms (as many times as it takes), answering your calls on Sunday afternoon, or completing your paperwork at 2.17am to meet your deadline, our priority is making things easy, smooth, and simple for you.

"He really has your best interests in mind."

I approached Mel because although I have a small 401(k) I was worried I wouldn’t have enough money to be comfortable in retirement. Mel is Motivated, reliable & honest . He really has your best interests in mind and wouldn't sell anything he wouldn't buy himself. Now, I’m so relieved that I hopefully have guaranteed myself an income later on.
mordy L.

"Mel is not a salesman. He’s honest, sincere, and down-to-earth."

I was looking for a stable retirement income and a way to create long-term wealth even though I was starting late. Mel is not a salesman. He’s honest, sincere, and, down-to-earth. He knows his product very well, and is always looking to help in any way. He is extremely professional, and I’m more at ease about my future now.
Andrew G.
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