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Employee Benefits

You can’t attract extraordinary talent with ordinary employee benefits

Become a magnet for top talent with lucrative, leveraged & affordable retirement benefits

High-caliber staff don’t want more benefits.

They want better benefits.

As an astute & experienced business owner or HR director, you understand how important, and challenging, it is to hire and retain key staff at senior and executive levels. And with the current staffing shortages, it’s critical to keep your employees thrilled with their benefits.


 Leveraged executive benefits plans allow you to offer top benefits to your key personnel and highly-compensated employees —  without straining your cashflow or decreasing your bottom line.

These incentive benefits are amongst the most tax-advantaged benefit plans available today. 

With most of the money required to finance the strategy coming from a lender, you can offer premium benefits that set you apart from the competition.

Benefits for employee:

Benefits for employers:

These benefits are suitable for employees that:

Work at LLC, C Corp and non-profit organizations

Are under age 65

Earn a salary of $100K+

Are in standard or better health

The strategy where everyone wins.

“Being self employed I have no one else to invest in my portfolio with me. To have the bank on board was such a great attraction for me!”

Aaron Zimmer

“Every year my policy has been up…now I have financial stability for my kids.”

Alexander singer

Executive benefit plans don't need to hurt your bottom line

Find out how you can afford to offer the best benefits on the market.

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