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Earning well doesn’t guarantee a comfortable retirement.

Sound investing does.

Secure your financial future with a low-risk, tax-free retirement plan that consistently provides 2x average market returns.

Ideal for high-earning individuals or competitive employee benefits.

You’ve sacrificed a lot to succeed.

You’re finally able to enjoy the good things in life. But thinking about your financial future can feel overwhelming.

The numbers don’t lie. 

If you want to live comfortably when you retire, you need strong returns from your investments.

To protect your future, your family, and your lifestyle, you need more than a scant 401(k) or risky stocks.

Is there anything on the market that promises stable, high returns with minimum risk — even if you’re just starting out?

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Meet The Kai-Zen Retirement Plan

The one-of-a-kind investment plan that secures your future with minimum risk.

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Whether you’re just starting to plan for your retirement, or are looking to diversify your portfolio, the Kai-Zen plan combines the best of leveraged financing and low-risk investing into an affordable investment plan that only requires 5 annual payments.

The result: a stable, high-performing long-term income that doesn’t demand that you lower your current standard of living.

What is the Kai-Zen plan?

A bank-financed long-term investment plan that comes with comprehensive life insurance. Created by NIW, one of the best-financed insurance platforms in the US, Kai-Zen adapts financial strategies usually reserved for the ultra-wealthy to help high-earning individuals like you build their long-term wealth.

The only plan on the market that checks all the boxes

High returns with limited risk

Protect your money from market chaos. You use the bank’s money to build, and preserve, maximum wealth even if the market crashes.

Tax-free retirement income

Be assured you’ll receive a stable retirement income that isn’t reduced by taxes.

Life insurance PLUS ample living benefits

Get the comfort of knowing your spouse and children will be taken care of if you become injured, ill or deceasesd.  

If you earn more than $150,000, a year you may qualify for this plan.

Fill out this short form to find out.

You may be wondering:

What’s the catch? Is it too good to be true?

Kai-Zen is based on premium financing, a wealth-building strategy that is commonly used by the ultra-wealthy.

The Kai-Zen plan adapts this respected, robust investment structure and adds further safety measures so high-earning individuals can grow their wealth with minimal risk

Kai-Zen is facilitated by some of America’s top-rated, highly respected insurers

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Other Services


Estate Planning and Legacy Planning

Astute financial planning helps you transfer your wealth to your children so they don’t have to pay hefty estate taxes. As premium financing specialists, we help you make use of leveraged financing to ensure you leave a meaningful legacy for generations to come.


Employee Benefits

Attract, and retain, high-caliber executives or senior professionals with one of the most lucrative — yet little-known — tax-efficient employee incentive plans on the market. Ideal for C Corp, S Corp, LLC or non-profits.

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We are a boutique financial advisory firm that exclusively focuses on premium financing plans. Founded by Mel Lieber, we combine a formidable grasp of financial strategies with our unmistakable personal, down-to-earth approach.

We provide you with the unbiased guidance — and unstinting support — you need to grow your money into maximum long-term wealth so you can afford the future you’ve dreamed of.

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